With Debbie Meyer's green bags, you waste less produce which in turn saves you money. Green bags keep produce fresh approximately 30 days and reduce vitamin loss by 50% by preventing excess moisture.

Hi. Debbie Meyer here at Basic Home, where you can find all of my original green bags. Try my green bags to keep all your produce fresh longer.

Produce naturally gives off ethylene gas as it ripens. Traditional bags and containers trap the ethylene gas inside, actually speeding up the rotting. But not my green bags that you buy from Basic Home They're made with a natural mineral that absorbs the harmful ethylene gas, so your produce stays fresh longer.

They're good for up to 10 uses, so you'll help save the environment, your produce, and your money.

Customer Reviews:

​"I live alone & don't get to the grocery store often. Therefore, when I do buy fresh fruits & veggies I prefer they last for a while. I've used these bags for YEARS & they truly DO keep things fresh!! Just follow the directions about when to wash the items, how to store them, etc. The bags are re-usable...around 10 times per bag. The price might seem a lot initially, for a bag of plastic bags but they WILL extend the life of every fresh fruit & veggie you buy!!! And to add to that Basic Home Shopping were prompt in delivery and service was top class."

Nancy J from Denver, CO

"I have used Debbie Meyers green Bags in the past and I love them. I was pleased with the price I paid which was about the same same as those I had purchased years ago. They are washable and dry quickly so they last. Great value. Thank you Basic Home Shopping, you guys are awesome."

Ferdy G from Queens, NY

"I bought a box of these when they first came out and have washed and washed over and over until they finally wore out. Makes salad and veggies last about 3 times longer, so when i got down to 2 I hadn't put a finger through or otherwise ruined, I knew I had to have more. If the price seems high, just think about throwing out veggies you could have made last with these. Just keep your fingernails under control. After trying other places online, I am sticking to Basic Home Shopping for good."

​Rebecca R from Lake Havasu City, AZ

Debbie Meyers GreenBags® 50-piece Produce-Storage Bags

  • Keep your produce-storage solutions all wrapped up.
  • These unique bags offer a beneficial environment shown in independent laboratory testing to help prolong the life of a variety of fruits, vegetables and cut flowers.
  • ​ Save money and help prevent waste with these reusable, BPA-free storage bags — they're proudly made in the USA too!

We have a heavy demand for Debbie Meyer Green Bags, and it is one of our top-selling products, Buy Now whilst stocks last.

What You Get 

Debbie Meyer's Green Bags

10 extra-large bags 20 large bags 20 medium bags
Instruction shee​t
​Price: $34.99 Plus Shipping & Handling.

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